Bottom of the Ninth: Week 1, Stepping Up to the Plate

Have you ever felt behind financially, relationally, or emotionally? Have you ever felt so behind that you didn’t know how to start catching up? The more time went by, the more you lost hope. These are bottom-of-the-ninth moments. But when you feel down, don’t lose hope. You’re never out. You can still turn the game […]


The Bad Boys of Easter: Week 3, 3 Feet of Separation

In the days leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, three “bad boys” found their way into the story. Each refused to abandon his life direction and surrender to the Savior of the world. How can we avoid the same mistakes? This week LIFE is Difficult. So if God is all powerful and […]


Address The Mess: Week 5, Fix'n The Mess

It’s going to happen, and so the question is no longer, “How are we going to possibly overcome these incredible odds – this impossible challenge? The new question becomes, “Since we KNOW that this WILL happen, how can I be used by God to participate in HIS plan. It is no longer MY plan, or […]